We both have families, lives and want to enjoy life at its best

Robert Dicks

We have similar backgrounds, with both of us building corporate careers, yet knowing we wanted and needed something more. Something different.

Burnt out on a never-ending treadmill, although we didn’t know each other at that time, we were both in the same boat.

After exiting our corporate roles, we each developed our own consultancies, Andrew as a business strategist and Rob as web developer and marketer.

Our paths crossed when we worked together with a mutual client. It was clear after we helped our client achieve a rapid improvement in fortunes, our skills and personalities complemented each other and our expertise for greater impact in helping others to build their businesses.

And Then Life Took An Interesting Turn!

We both had children, just a year apart and like most parents, we found ourselves pulled in numerous directions.

It was clear we had to create a way to be there for our families, while maintaining our business momentum and creating the lifestyles we’ve been building.

Things HAD TO Change!

Both of us had young children and achieving flexibility and time leverage was the new priority. We had to take control of our calendars and make every minute count!

That meant creating a whole new way of working. The question was, how to create a business model that gave us what we needed, but also ensured our clients achieved OUTSTANDING RESULTS?

Are you struggling to find enough hours each day, no matter how hard you try?

You don’t have to be a new parent to experience this situation, or even running your own business. Those currently in employment can almost certainly relate to it also. Time simply vanishes and the work never ends!

If this sounds familiar, or you’re being forced to rapidly adapt to Covid-19 challenges, now is the time to transition towards a highly leveraged operation and a more passive model.

Is there such a thing as passive income?

There is indeed. However, to get there requires hard work to begin with and you still need to spend time marketing your business even if if you achieve initial success with ‘passive’ income providing courses, online products etc.

We read book after book and spent serious money with ‘gurus’ learning about passive income who actually knew less than us! So we just bit the bullet and built the business we wanted.

Our business now contains a mix of passive income (our short courses) and semi passive income (our membership club and our group coaching programs). We still provide one to one coaching now and again because we like it, and only with highly committed clients.

Having worked with countless clients turning their businesses around from trading time for money into semi passive and passive incomes we developed a 6 Step Success System that you can implement in your business today.

Our main income comes from semi passive activities and enjoy the lifestyles we could only imagine for such a long time.

It’s a great way of working that works for us. If you’re also looking to scale your business, without working 24/7, our 6 Step Success System could be exactly what you need.

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